Agent Website


Your personalized Eco-friendly ORESY Agent Website GROWS your real estate business

Have you noticed most of your competitors’ websites look and function the same? That’s because they ARE the same. Most brokers use the same websites, same templates, and same tools.

Now’s your chance to stand apart!

ORESY Eco-friendly websites are built on the powerful WordPress CMS. This gives you the ability to create new pages and blogs, manage content, modify menus, add plugins and more.
ORESY real estate websites (Systems) are much more than a standard WordPress Theme. These systems are so advanced that they work for you. We like to say: “any more advanced and you could take the week off”.
With your own personal ORESY Agent Website, you can conduct Online Real Estate as well as Online Real Estate Auctions and Online Rentals.
Online Real Estate – ORESY fully automated Real Estate Selling System is designed to eliminate most of the paperwork by approving buyers online, receiving and negotiating offers online, accepting or rejecting offers online, 24 hours countdown to stop the sale*, transparency**, advanced statistics, visits tracking and more…
Online Real Estate Auctions – ORESY offers one of the most advanced real estate auction platforms in the real estate industry. Some of the key features: advanced statistics, buy now option, approve bidders online, bid history, visits tracking, automatic email notifications, auction auto-extend, auto-bid option, targeted property specific SEO and more…
No Contracts – We do not have contracts which we lock clients into. We only ask you give us one months notice via email that you would like to terminate your website.

*24 hour countdown to stop the sale feature…In multiple offer situation, with the click of a button, the system will notify buyers that the sale is going to end in 24 hours and they have the last chance to submit their highest and best offers.

** Transparency…When posting a property, you have the option to show or not the last ten offers.