Auction Sale


Catapult Your Real Estate Business with Online Auctions

Many real estate agents attribute auctions with foreclosures or depressed properties. Truth is, many real estate transactions today are done through auctions. And the large majority of those properties bring full value.
Today, online auctions are quickly replacing live auctions. And because online auctions through the ORESY websites offer open competitive bidding, it is one of the most sought-after online auction platform in the industry.
The advantages of introducing online auctions through the ORESY websites are substantial. Here are a few:

Offer your sellers a unique advantage

90% of REALTORS will only be able to sell a home using traditional real estate methods. Not you. Walk into your next listing presentation confidently offering another option to sell their home — through ORESY-driven online auctions — and they’ll have a solid reason to sign with you.
A WIN-WIN for everyone — Your sellers pay ZERO commissions… and you get 100% commissions

“Would you rather pay six or seven percent commissions… or NONE AT ALL?”

How do you think most sellers will answer that question?

This unique and exclusive approach through ORESY will win you exponentially more listings, closings… and commissions. Because while they save thousands, you’ll still be getting your full commission. Yes, it sounds impossible, but the ORESY online auctions make it so simple.

Gain complete control with multiple auction features

From approving bidders online and an auto bid option to bid auto-extend and automated email notification, your ORESY website has everything you need to perform a flawless online auction that delivers the highest possible bids.
Plus, your ORESY system is capable of running the most popular types of online auctions: Reserve, Absolute and Minimum bid.