Traditional Sale


Take Your Traditional Real Estate Sales to a Whole New Level

Most real estate websites are practically online brochures. Sure, buyers can do a home search and find a few pictures of the property. But that’s about it. ORESY websites are remarkably different. Remarkably more advanced. We understand the full value of leveraging technology to propel your real estate career forward.

Streamline the entire real estate process

ORESY websites are designed to make every step of each real estate transaction as seamless and quick as possible. As a result, you close faster (and get your commission check faster).
Because buyers view your listings, get approval, make offers, and even negotiate the offers online… paperwork is minimized and your chance of closing quickly without hassles is maximized. As offers come in, you’re instantly notified via email. Then you simply accept, reject or counter the offer — or multiple offers — online… and it’s all paperless.

Maintain complete control — From first contact to commission check

Think of the ORESY website as your real estate command center. When representing the seller, you have full control over the entire selling process.

  • Upload as many pictures and videos of the home as you want — Even dozens or hundreds
  • Track the number of visitors on the listing page — Instantly learn which listings are popular and which may need more marketing
  • View offers on your website — You’ll immediately know who made the offer, their contact information, and their offer price
Gain a multiple offer advantage unheard of in the industry

This feature alone will more than pay for the price of the ORESY website because it allows you to get the best possible price — and even double commissions — when you have multiple offers.

It’s called our “24 hour countdown to stop the sale” and here is how it works:

Without the ORESY website, if you received multiple offers on a property, you’ll be spending the next few days calling, emailing and even hand delivering offers to your clients and counters to the buyers or buyers’ agents.

With Oresy system, you simply click a button. Once you click the “24 hour countdown to stop the sale” option, the system automatically sends email notifications to all involved parties. This notification alerts them that they have 24 hours to submit their highest and best offer. People’s competitive nature takes over. The result: Because you are in complete control, offers come in that are significantly higher than they would be without ORESY.

Here’s the BONUS! If you represent the buyer on your own listing, because ORESY websites are transparent, you are able to be a DUAL agent without much hassle. Twice the transactions, twice the commissions!

These are just a few of the commission-enhancing, top-producing features available for your traditional real estate sales office.
Simply click “Start Selling” to get started or to learn about pricing.